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You know your brand is powerful when people use it’s name as a verb. Take Google for example. Google is synonymous with web searches. They know a thing or two about what we look for online and it turns out Lamar Odom was the most searched ‘thing’ in 2015 in the United States followed by Jurassic World and American Sniper.

Tabloids are always reliable, right? Well according to Star, Caitlyn Jenner regrets her transition because she’s having a hard time finding someone to date.

Miranda Lambert admits she didn’t put up and Christmas lights this year, but it’s not what you think. Apparently, she never took them down from last year.

Star Wars fans rejoice, The Force Awakens is almost here and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Screening start as early as 7pm tonight at the Regal Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier and at Tinseltown in Shreveport.

In case you’re keeping up, Jeremy Collins won Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. Why is that important? Because Shreveport native Keith Nale was making his second appearance on the show and was unfortunately voted off the island again.

Kimberly Perry is a new momma! She and her major league baseball playing husband, J.P. Arencibia, are the proud new parents of two new puppies named Moose and Bear and they are adorable!

@jparencibia44 and I would like to introduce u to our new kiddos. Ladies and Gents meet Moose and Bear.

A photo posted by Kimberly Perry (@thekimberlyperry) on

That’s not slowing Kimberly down though! She and the rest of The Band Perry will perform this Sunday at the Miss Universe Pageant alongside Charlie Puth and Seal.

Celebrity Birthdays December 17:
Manny Pacquiao 37
Sarah Paulson 41
Giovanni Ribisi 41
Eugene Levy 69

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