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If you’ve ever been down and out, this story should give you some hope… Robert Downey Jr. has been down in the dumps and even lower. He couldn’t get an acting job to save his life until he cleaned his act up and now for the third straight year he’s topped list of the ‘highest paid actors in the world.’ He made $80 MILLION in the last 12 months… in second with a measly $50M is Jackie Chan.

If this is true, Bill Cosby’s plan has been foiled! Star is saying he may be getting ready to flee the country and go toSaudi Arabia. He’s got friends there and his money will last longer… Guess authorities know where to look, right?

In a letter worded much like Bill Clinton’s statement about Monica Lewinsky, Blake Shelton’s lawyers are demanding In Touch Weekly retract a cheating story about Blake from 2011. They claim he cheated on Miranda Lambert with Cady Groves and not only are they standing by that story, they say they have another one coming out this week!

Here’s a picture I took with Cady Groves and her guitar player at Superior Grill back in 2011…


Over the years, Jon Stewart has spent quite a bit of his air time making fun of Arby’s on The Daily Show which is wild because I love their food! But in honor of his second to last show last night, they ran two tribute ads. Check ‘em out!

Celebrity Birthdays August 6:
Geri Halliwell 42
Travie McCoy 33
Soleil Moon Fry 38
Adrianne Curry 32
M Night Shyamalan 44

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