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Brothers Osborne say they got a little socially lubricated Wednesday night at the CMA Awards because they didn’t think they had a chance of beating Florida Georgia Line for the Vocal Duo of the year award… T.J. Osborne said it took all they had not to fall down the aisle then their name was called. set up a really cool photo booth at the CMAs Wednesday and the pictures turned out fantastic, even though they aren’t as silly as I wanted them to be! Check ‘em out here!

Quentin Tarantino apparently pledged that he would only direct 10 feature films during his career. By our count, that means he has two left… and we’ve been hearing rumors of him directing the sequel to Deadpool… Does that mean if there’s another Deadpool movie after that he’ll be done?!?!?

This is really kind of crazy, but conspiracy theories can be pretty amusing. There’s a fan theory that Breaking Bad is actually a prequel for The Walking Dead.

Celebrity Birthdays November 5:
Odell Beckham Jr. 24
Kris Jenner 61

Celebrity Birthdays November 6:
Emma Stone 28
Lamar Odom 37
Sally Field 70

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