Gary and Bristol rise and shine to make sure you get the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning. 

The Rock’s new earthquake disaster San Andreas hits theaters this weekend, taking on a romantic comedy with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams called Aloha. It’s week three for the women of Pitch Perfect 2 and I intend to throw money their way this weekend in anticipation of being ‘pitch slapped!’

This is a little creepy to me and I don’t blame Ed Sheeran for turning this mother down… what did he turn down you might ask… the opportunity to be her 9-year-old daughters first kiss. Yeah, he’s 24. Good call Ed!

Wow… there really isn’t anything new in Hollywood. Fox is turning the 1980 movie Urban Cowboy into a series. Yep, one of John Travolta’s finest…

How cool is this! It doesn’t matter that Jake Owen is living the dream, he still wants to sneak off and fish when he’s on the road…. So much so that he brings his own Jeep on tour so he has the freedom to drive around whatever town he’s in and he always has his fishing rod handy in case he spots a lake or pond!

I think the coolest people out there are readers… like me! Mike Eli from the Eli Young Band is a voracious reader and his favorite authors are Stephen King and Michael Crichton.

Eye candy alert! Jon Pardi goes shirtless in his new Back on the Backroads video… and for the guys, there’s a bunch of hot chicks!

Celebrity Birthdays May 30:
Idina Menzel 43
CeeLo Green 40
Wynonna Judd 50

Celebrity Birthdays May 31:
Clint Eastwood 84
Brooke Shields 49
Colin Farrell 38
Farrah Abraham 23
Corey Hart 52
Casey James 32

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