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Pitch Perfect fans, this is your weekend! Pitch Perfect 2 hits the big screen and I can’t wait to see if I can recognize any landmarks from where they filmed in Baton Rouge. Also out this weekend is Mad Max Fury Road. Both are expected to end The Avengers domination of the box office.

It’s official! David Letterman’s final guest on The Late Show will be Bill Murray. Which kind of makes sense in a bringing it all together kinda way. Murray was Dave’s first guest on both The Late Show in 1993 and Late Night in 1982. Sorry Jay Leno! You know, just in case you thought it might be you…

For two people who keep saying they’re not a couple, they’re acting pretty close! Talking about Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes who are reportedly at the ‘L’ word stage. Word is Jamie also refers to Katie as ‘my girl.’ It’s not proof, but they’re clearly friends. We don’t know about their friendly benefits.

Check this out… If Harry Shearer, the voice of Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Smithers and Principal Skinner on The Simpsons, doesn’t sign on for the next two seasons of The Simpsons, he’s walking away from a $14M pay day! If he does leave, no worries… producers say they’ll recast the roll as opposed to killing off the characters… (Like Grey’s Anatomy, ahem)

This may be the sweetest thing you hear all day. Randy Houser says he really misses his 3-year-old son when he’s on the road. He even says he’ll open a drawer, see one of his t-shirts and smell it. He thinks is sounds strange, but we think it’s great. Of course you’re going to miss your kid! Plus, who hasn’t slept with a t-shirt from a loved one?

Thomas Rhett has finally inked himself! We know this because he posted a photo to Instagram captioned, ‘First Tattoo.’

First tattoo.. Thanks @dickgee for not hurting me too bad. @laur_akins up next haha #rhodeisland

A photo posted by ThomasRhettAkins (@thomasrhettakins) onMay 6, 2015 at 1:07pm PDT

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