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Game of Thrones had a big week with 23 Emmy nominations, just one less than they received last year. The People v. O.J. Simpson also did well with 22 nods.

There’s this newfangled computer mapping deal that can tell who is the most beautiful celebrity in the world. I guess they do it according to bone structure? Either way, Amber Heart is the most beautiful and the Kardashian clan did well with Kim and Kendall Jenner making the list as well as Kate Moss.

Tara Reid cracks me up. She was on a talk show dishing on her new Sharknado 4 movie and another one which is an Indian flick where people spontaneously break into song and dance. She said, "What am I doing anymore, like, what's happening?  Where did my career go from?" She seems to keep signing on the bottom line and cashing those checks so it can’t be too bad but we’ll get the chance to ask her about it in person when she’s here next month for Geek’d Con 2016 presented by Margaritaville Casino and Resort at the Shreveport Convention Center August 19 – 21, 2016.

New in theaters this week: The Ghostbusters remake and The Infiltrator, a Bryan Cranston thriller.

How random is this? Justin Moore says a woman once asked him to sign her baby. Why? It would only fade over time and it’s a BABY! He told the woman he wasn’t interested but she just wouldn’t let up. Justin ended up signing the baby. That’s what you call a no win situation! It’s a sad day in Nashville today with the funeral services taking place for Craig Morgan’s son Jerry Greer. They’ve set up a memorial scholarship fund in his honor that will benefit athletes from his former high school. Craig’s birthday is tomorrow. I can’t imagine there will be much of a celebration. Poor Cam! I’ve done this before and there’s no way to gracefully fix the situation! She got her heel stuck in the stage earlier this week at The Grand Ole Opry. That happened to me at a pageant at LSUS back in the day. Needless to say I didn’t win… and don’t worry, I’m fully aware that the heel stick had nothing to do with it!

Celebrity Birthdays July 15:
Gabriel Iglesias 40
Taylor Kinney 35
Brian Austin Green 43
Scott Foley 44

Celebrity Birthdays July 16:
Will Ferrell 49
Barry Sanders 48
Corey Feldman 45
Jimmy Johnson 73

Celebrity Birthdays July 17:
Luke Bryan 40
David Hasselhoff 64
Craig Morgan 52
Mark Burnett 56

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