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This is one party I would have loved to have been at! Earlier this month Robert Downey Jr. threw himself a 50th birthday bash. Not only did he rent out an entire airplane hanger, he had Duran Duran AND Steely Dan perform.

She talks the phrase ‘mean girl’ to a whole new level. Talking about ESPN’s fat-shaming and entitled Britt McHenry, whom, by the way, can be seen back on the air this weekend, oh joy! People are still ticked… including some of her co-workers. Anonymously, of course!

You’ll never guess who has joined the team for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2? None other than Tyler Perry! I wonder if Madea will make an appearance.

I hate reporting news like this… It’s just so… UGGHH! Three more women have come out regarding Bill Cosby, accusing him of sexual assault bringing the grand total to 38.

Let’s be frank, Adam Sandler’s new movie The Ridiculous 6 is ticking people off. The movie is a Western and apparently the ‘Indian’ jokes are ‘disrespectful’ and ‘not funny’ to both Native women and elders at least that what around a dozen Native American actors and the Native cultural adviser thought, because they walked off the set. They said they tried to complain but were told, if they were so sensitive, they should leave. The movie is supposedly a spoof of The Magnificent Seven.

Celebrity Birthdays Saturday, April 25:
Al Pacino 74
Len Goodman 70
Renee Zellweger 45
Hank Azaria 50
Jason Lee 44

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