Six days a week Gary and Bristol get up early to bring you the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning.

It was a slow weekend at the box office which is kinda crazy if you ask me with all of the stormy weather and it being three days and all. Jurassic World beat out Inside Out. Terminator: Genisys took third and Magic Mike XXL came in fourth. BTW, 96% of the people who say Magic Mike XXL were women. Can’t imagine why.

Dukes of Hazzard’s John Schneider is speaking out about TV Land benching reruns of the show because of the General Lee had the Confederate flag on it. He posted a YouTube rant and called it an ‘error’ in judgment and also says, “(the) Dukes of Hazzard was one of the most beloved shows ever. And now it’s being cast in a terrible light that it does not deserve.”

Golfer Bubba Watson owns one of the original General Lees and he says he’s going to have it repainted with an American flag.

To me, this is about as crass as it get. Some jerk is trying to sell a ‘death bed photo’ of Bobbi Kristina in hospice care. The family is beside themselves and I can’t blame them. The situation is really affecting her father, Bobby Brown, who played a 4th of July celebration and struggled, forgetting lyrics and everything.

There was a huge wreck last night at Daytona. Combine that with the rain delay and the race wasn’t over until about 1:40am this morning. The wreck was the 3 car (crazy, right?!?!) and it was Austin Dillon who launched into the air over several cars and into the catch fence at 190 mph!!! It’s a true miracle that Austin walked away from that wreck. Several fans were injured and we’re sending prayers their way. FYI, Dale Jr. won and in my heart, I’ve gotta believe he dedicated that win to his daddy who died at Daytona in ’01.

Celebrity Birthdays July 6:
Nancy Reagan 94
Kevin Hart 36
50 Cent 40
Sylvester Stallone 69
George W. Bush 69
Dalai Lama 80

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