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Ted 2 is out this weekend and it’s going up against a movie about a dog… Yes, a talking teddy bear versus man’s best friend with a heart. Max is about a military service dog. Out on limited release you’ve got the Batkid Begins documentary and Samuel L. Jackson as a U.S. president on the run from terrorists.

According to Rose McGowan, she got fired by her talent agency… Why? Because she tweeted about a note that came along with an Adam Sandler movie script advising her to wear something tight and black that showed cleavage. It was also said she should wear a push up bra. You know, if they wouldn’t have fired her, I would have thought it was a joke… not blatant Hollywood sexism, but there you have it!

This is crazy, but it could happen. Within a year, Netflix could have a bigger audience than the four major networks. Netflix is currently growing its audience at about 40% a year!

Justin Moore

Celebrity Birthdays June 26:
Ariana Grande 22
Derek Jeter 41
Michael Vick 35
Ryan Tedder 36
Chris O’Donnell 45
Gretchen Wilson 42
Chris Isaak 59

Celebrity Birthdays June 27:
Khloe Kardashian
Drake Bell
Tobey Maguire
JJ Abrams
Vera Wang
Cece Frey

Celebrity Birthdays June 28:
Rob Dyrdek
John Elway
Kellie Pickler
Kathy Bates
Mel Brooks
John Cusack

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