Six days a week, Gary and Bristol get up before the sun shines to bring you the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning!

Wow! Another NFL team has decided to pack their bags and move to LA and this time it’s the San Diego Chargers and their fans are not happy. One guy egged their building and other fans dumped all their jerseys and gear in the parking lot… a lot of it in tatters.

New in theaters this weekend you’ve got the new Jamie Foxx movie Sleepless, Monster Trucks and The Bye Bye Man.

Brett Young and I have something in common! We’re both adults and we both have a ‘woobie!’ He still sleeps with the same blankie he’s had since he was a kid, but he doesn’t take it with him on the road because it’s too old. I still have mine… it soft, soft, soft, it has blue, green and yellow stripes and my parents got it for me with S&H Green Stamps!

Poor Tanya Tucker! She had a fall and fractured a vertebrae and a rib so she had to postpone her show last night in Tulsa, tonight in Kansas and tomorrow night in Oklahoma. We hope you feel better soon Tanya!

Celebrity Birthdays January 13:
Liam Hemsworth 27
Orlando Bloom 40
Patrick Dempsey 51
Trace Adkins 55
Julie Louis-Dreyfus 56
Shonda Rhimes 47

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