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What is this world coming to? Jerry Seinfeld and his 12 year-old son Julian set up a lemonade stand for charity in their Hamptons neighborhood and their neighbor actually called the police. Apparently there were too many illegally cars… like anyone needs room to park on the street in the Hamptons!!! Geez! The kicker is that the police came out and they shut the lemonade stand down.

New movies out this weekend: Owen Wilson’s action movie No Escape, Zac Efron’s night club movie We are Your Friends and another called Z for Zachariah out on limited release with Chris Pine in a love triangle with the last woman on Earth!

Now confirmed for season 21 of Dancing with the Stars kicking off September 14: Chaka Khan, Vine star Hayes Grier, Alexa Vega and her husband Carlos Pena Jr.

How awesome is this? You know I had to do this story so I could sing the song… During her show at the Staples center earlier this week, Taylor Swift had Friends star Lisa Kudrow on stage singing Smelly Cat! Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez also made guest appearances.

Celebrity Birthdays August 28:
Jack Black 46
Shania Twain 50
Cassadee Pope 26
Jake Owen 34
LeAnn Rimes 33
Jason Priestley 46
Honey Boo Boo10

Celebrity Birthdays August 29:
Liam Payne
Lea Michelle
John McCain

Celebrity Birthdays August 30:
Cameron Diaz
Warren Buffett
Bebe Rexha
Lewis Black

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