All week long, I've sat and listened as so many around me have speculated on the possibility of our state getting shut down again.

Every time I scroll on Facebook, I see many friends posting as if a stay-at-home order was guaranteed at this point. Then, I got that dreaded notification.... Governor John Bel Edwards was about to go live with a press conference to speak about Lousiaiania's COVID situation.

Like so many of you out there, I pretty much knew we were getting shut down. Surprisingly, that was not the case. In fact, the entire announcement was pretty much more of the same, with Thanksgiving being the main talking point. The governor continued the reiterate his opinions on Thanksgiving gatherings, which we wrote about yesterday.

Large family-type gatherings for next week's holiday are not banned, but Edwards is asking to limit as much in-person festivities as possible.

In regards to a potential stay-at-home order, the governor says that's not happening... At least for now.

He says, "We are looking at all of the data, we are looking at what other states are doing, we are looking at what is being recommended by the White House Coronavirus Task Force and so forth.”

He seemed particularly upset with Louisianians for not doing their part to stop the spread... He says, "And I’m not fussing at everybody, I don’t like to be thought of fussing period, but the mitigation efforts being put forth by the people of Louisiana are inadequate."

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