I love all things Big Foot and Sasquatch. I love the idea that something unknown and mysterious is out there running around in the woods, especially in our back yard. Apparently, I am not alone with these thoughts because there is a group of folks who plan on gathering in the woods to see what it would be like to survive like Sasquatch.

The event will be held on Saturday, November 11 at Caddo Lake State Park. If you plan on attending, you will meet with a park ranger at the trail head near the boat ramp at 1 p.m., according to the event page on Facebook. The event page also suggests wearing closed-toed shoes and bring water.

After the meet up you will go on a hike to learn survival skills and play games. The hike will last a little more than half a mile. Although the event is free, you do have to pay to enter Caddo Lake State Park. Entrance fees for children under 12 is free, but beyond the age of 12 you have to pay $4.

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