We get it, jury duty sucks, but bringing a cold one with you won't make your trip to the courthouse better.  I have heard of many people skipping jury duty and finding unique ways to avoid a day at the courthouse. I have never heard of someone showing up drunk. If there was an award for the dumbest way to get out of jury duty, Taylor Huckaby would take the medal no problem. According to the Smith County  Sheriff's department Huckaby showed up to the courthouse slurring his words. Deputies were alerted and when they questioned Huckaby concerning what was in his cup he tried to leave. Officers arrested Huckaby and charged him with public intoxication.

Maybe Taylor Huckaby thought that Jury Duty was a day off and the perfect day to partake in day drinking festivities? I can understand wanting to go crazy on your day off, but not when you're supposed to go to the courthouse. The good news here is Huckaby didn't drive home while intoxicated.


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