If you have noticed a few strangely manicured trees in Downtown Shreveport, you're not alone.  A serial tree pruner is on the loose, and has made a bit of a mess of the foliage that lines the downtown streets.   According to KSLA, city officials are at a loss.  No one can figure out who would go out of their way to prune the downtown trees without getting paid to do so.

The real downside is that the mystery tree pruner isn't doing a very good job.  The limbs have been left too long, and the trimmings have been left strewn about the sidewalks and streets.  The pruning is so bad, in fact, the city has been forced to send out a crew to re-trim the trees and pick up the debris.

If you know who this good-natured, badly trained, amateur arborist is - let them know that the city would love to speak with them about their technique.

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