Warnings are going out again the "Secret Sister" scam that pops up every year on Facebook despite the fact that it's illegal. It's a gift exchange pyramid scheme which promises you 36 gifts/donations if you buy/send a gift of at least $10 or more. The idea is that the more people that sign up, the more gifts people can get but in reality it's just tricking you into giving your money and information away.

If "Secret Sister" sounds weird and confusing Communication Directors at the University of South Florida say that's because it's a scam. Scams like this have been around for years going back to email chains and letters before that. The issue now is with these posts people try to expose them in the comments only to find their comments deleted and they've been blocked by the page.

Be careful this holiday season for other scams like the "Secret Sister" exchange and just remember if it seems to good to be true that's because it probably is.

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