Urban Legends have always fascinated me, but then again I enjoy creepy camp fire stories that inspire urban legends. Thought Catalog created a list of all the urban legends in each of the 50 states. Some are kind of silly, but some are down right terrifying.

I've listed a few for you!

Mississippi's secret disease that was covered up by the government. Apparently back in the 50s there was an issue with Mercritis disease and folks believe the government covered it up. Not much to go on with that one...

Georgia has the baby bridge. The story goes that a very poor family was expecting their fifth child and the father made a deal with the delivery doctor to get rid of it. The doctor ended up throwing the baby in to a river over a specific bridge. The legend says that if you go to the bridge and sprinkle baby powder all over your car you will see little hand prints and hear a baby cry.

Texas has the ghost face in Galveston. I remember my family taking a vacation to Galveston and the whole family grouped together to rent out a beach house. Everyone wanted to see the ghost face. My mother told me a slightly different version then what Thought Catalog insists is the legend of ghost face. Thought Catalog says that the face appeared on the building after the building's owner had passed away and the building was given to UT Medical School. The owner didn't want to do that and soon after his face appeared. My mother told me that it was a dispute within his family after he passed. The family was arguing over who would get the building and it ended up tearing the family apart and then soon after his face appeared. Either way the story goes it is still creepy.

Louisiana has the Ellerbe Road Demon School. I have never gone to visit this place yet, but I really want to! What used to be George Washington Carver High School, based on the information provided by Thought Catalog, is now a crumbling remembrance of what it used to be. There are stories from vanishing children, evil janitors, and devil worshipers.

(All these stories are credited to 

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