I was listening to an interview with Kendra Scott that has had me borrowing glue sticks and markers from co-workers. In case you haven’t fallen in love with Kendra Scott jewelry yet and don’t know about everyone’s favorite jewelry designer. Kendra Scott is just an American fashion and accessories designer, the queen of jewelry is a philanthropist as well one who has won several awards for her business, designs, and commitment to philanthropy. In 2017 she was named Ernst & Young's National Entrepreneur of the Year. This woman started her career out of her spare bedroom with only $500 in her checking account. Kendra Scott is now worth over 500 Million.
I heard Kendra Scott share in an interview how important Vision Boards have played into her successful career. Scott stressed the importance of making a vision board 3 years out. She mentioned that after 3 years you take time to appreciate what you accomplished in 3 years. If something you put on your 3-year vision board didn’t happen you sit back and devise a plan to reach that goal. Do you switch your approach? Is there another way to achieve your goal? Scott said that seeing your goals daily just continually motivates you. The inspirational collage will be your image of the future you want. The dream board should represent your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life. I put mine together. Hopefully 3 years from now I’m sharing how I reached all of my goals. Have you ever used a dream board or vision board? Send me all your tips and tricks!

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