I know we have all had that scenario when you meet someone out and about and you walk away without asking them for their number. Sometimes you walk away not even knowing their name. Did you know there is a way to reach out to "the one that got away"? Craigslist has a personals section where you can find someone to date or, you can reach out in hopes of finding that person you saw across the room but you weren't able to meet. Now keep in mind 2 Chicks No Rhythm is all about love and horrid music, but mainly we are all about love. Let us be your cupid. Let 2 Chicks No Rhythm send out the alert that there is someone trying to find you. Do you have a missed connection that you're trying to find? Send us the info here.

As always, be careful whenever you plan to meet someone online. Many people aren't who they claim to be. STAY SAFE!

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