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In a perfect world, people would marry because they genuinely like the other person. And as time goes by, their similarities would increase giving them much more in common, so indeed the marriage would go stronger. However, we know that lots of marriages begin for lots of other reasons. Some relationships could actually form with feeble beginnings but strengthen as time brings on those commonalities.

Obviously though, we live in much less than a perfect world. And the COVID pandemic, along with the quarantine that forced many couples to spend an incredible amount of time together, has caused lots of these couples to realize just how different they are from their partners and how much they really don't "like" this person. In fact, it wasn't that long ago that Family Law Attorney Valerie H. Tocci explained to Business Insider "There are a variety of factors that can cause couples to break up, such as the age at which they were married or incompatibility that's been amplified during the lock down."

Her prophecy is now coming to fruition as new data from a legal services company shows that divorce rates have skyrocketed in the U.S. since the quarantine started. In a story from Daily Mail, we learn that there's been an increase of 34% in the number of people looking for divorces from March through June of this year as compared to last year.

What's even more staggering is that divorces jumped 57% from February 13 to April 13 of this year. And the newer the marriage is, the greater the possibility for the turmoil of the pandemic to doom the marriage as 20% of the divorce filings were from couples who only married in 2020. 9% were married in 2019, 9% in 2018, 7% in 2017, and 7% in 2016.

And the research shows that people here in the South, are as much as three times more likely to consider divorce than in any other area of the country.

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