DOTD has stepped in to help Santa Claus these days. Those digital billboards on I-20 are primarily used to warn you about road issues ahead or give you tips on driving. Often you will see them say something like "Windshield wipers on, lights on. It's the law." They will also alert you about wrecks or traffic jams in the way. But sometimes these billboards have a cute little message to get you thinking.

Last week, the billboards said "Santa sees all, buckle up.". Now today, the signs also refer back to Santa and his reindeer.


I think this is cute, but some disagree. Some motorists think it is silly and can be a distraction on the highway. Another critic says is is explotation of Santa Claus and his good will. But it did get me to thinking about the names of the reindeer. I do think Dasher is kind of a synonym for speedy. I also think Blitzen is also another name for lightning fast.

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