The Price is Right is now celebrating 46 years with Drew Carey now hosting the show for 10 years so of course they had to do it in style. Usually when a contestant spins the famous wheel and it lands on the $1 they win $1,000 but for this special episode it was worth $10,000... Oh and 3 people were lucky enough to land on the $1!

Of course like always on the show when you land on the $1 you get a second bonus spin. 2 of the 3 contestants landed on it winning them an addition $25,000 each!

Is it bad that I see this as obvious proof that the show is rigged? It's extremely rare that on the show someone lands on the $1 and in this one show which happens to be the anniversary show they land it a total of 5 times?! Either way congrats to the winners and Drew Carey himself for his 10 years of hosting the iconic game show.

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