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It's been 13 months since the video streaming platform Twitch banned their biggest star in history, Dr. Disrespect.

The man known by many names, Doc, The 6-Foot-8 Gaming Great, The 2-Time...whatever, was banned by Twitch for reasons that are still unknown to the public. Reasons that Doc says he still doesn't know. Though there have been many theories about it, including ones suggested by Doc.

But since Doc's ban, he's been able to still find success. Even though Twitch dropped him (and his massive contract), his other sponsors kept him on. Not only did he retain sponsors, he added more, like Mt. Dew, Roccat, FanDuel, and others have continued to support Doc.

Beyond sponsors, Doc found support inside the streaming community. Outside of a few clout-chasers, most online streamers showed support for Doc right away. Others came to his aid in ways many didn't expect.

Because of the ban on Twitch, the company wouldn't allow any of their other streamers to play on stream with Doc. So all of his long-time teammates were suddenly gone. Doc was left to float between random game streams with other streamers as he embarked on his YouTube journey.

One of the bigger streamers that came to his aid was Zlaner. A Canadian streamer known for his high kill games in Call of Duty WarZone. The way the two connected was pretty magical actually...

Zlaner and Doc have formed one of the most entertaining duos in all of the online gaming community. Known as "Dripping In Heat", the pair have been one of the most dominant teams in the genre.

But their friendship may have caused more issues with Twitch. But not for Doc, for ZLaner. Who appears to have been banned from Twitch Rivals tournaments. Here's ESports Talk's breakdown...

So because ZLaner dressed like Doc on Twitch, it would appear that he's now banned from the platform. Much like Doc himself.

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