It's Gary McCoy again and the purpose of this diary is to help educate you on exactly what's going on in my personal battle with quitting smoking.  Maybe, somehow, some way, if you're in the same boat, you might get something from this that can help you through the Tobacco Tornado.'s been 14 days without a cigarette.


If you missed the first couple of posts I made, I did this cold turkey.  No patch, no Chantix, no hypnosis...I just quit 'em.  Toughest thing I've ever done, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I've noticed what people were saying about how food would taste better.  Man, they were right. Food tastes incredible, and that's both good and bad.  The fear of gaining 100 pounds is almost not enough to fight off the incredible buzz my taste buds feel at just the hint of a cake pan in the oven or the sight of Blue Bell in the grocery store, but so far, so good.

Blue Bell

Haven't gained a pound, but I've chewed more gum than a major league baseball player in the 9th inning of game 7 of the World Series.  I eat almonds; correction, I vacuum almonds with my face. Someone gave me a little trick that really does work.  I'm chewing straws.  I guess having something that engages my hand and my mouth takes my mind off the fact that it's "not smoking" but I'm chewing them so fast, I am a little nervous one might burst into flames. My wife and sons have been incredible coaches and give me all the support I need.  I was a little afraid that my life insurance policy might be worth more to them than my quitting, but they've really come through for me.  And I haven't made it easy for them to feel any sympathy.  I've been a madman!  I only wish the Surgeon General would also put a warning on cigarette packs that said "Quitting these can also be dangerous; even highly lethal, to everyone in arm's length of the former smoker".  Til next time, if you're in the process of quitting too, Good Luck and God Bless....and pass the gum!  And to help you in your personal battle take advantage of the hints at