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Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine have created a lot of speculation across the world. Speculation surrounding gas prices, safe travel across Europe, and even all out World War. Some of these rumors are very unlikely, but others seem a little more possible.

Here in the Shreveport and Bossier City areas, there are rumors that can quickly pop up during these types of situations. Obviously due to our proximity to Barksdale Air Force Base.

So, it's no shock that a lot of talk about Barksdale's potential response to the growing tensions overseas. Especially when President Joe Biden has been spending a lot of time on the Ukraine situation.

But even though there's a lot of talk about Barksdale when it comes to the Russia and Ukraine issues, there's actually nothing happening. At least, according to a release form Barksdale about their "readiness level".

Barksdale 2nd Bomb Wing Commander Colonel Mark Dmytryszyn said in a statement to KTBS:

“The Striker Airmen and Guardians of the 2nd Bomb Wing are always ready to provide the nation with winning combat power...As our daily missions continue, we remain at the ready for the nation. At such time as we are directed by our civilian and military leadership, we will adjust our mission posture, and support the adjustments of both Air Force Global Strike Command and Eighth Air Force. The members of Striker Nation remain focused on our provision of long-range strike capabilities as we serve the nation, our Allies and partners, through the provision of global power.”

There had been rumors and reports earlier in the week that Barksdale had moved to DEFCON 3, which is an increase in readiness. At this level, the Air Force needs to be ready to mobilize and deploy in 15 minutes. But again, Barksdale is not at DEFCON 3 right now.

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