Only about half the child support that is owed by parents in Louisiana is paid each month. The stats from the Department of Children and Family Services shows most parishes in the state struggle to catch up with deadbeat parents.

As we close in on Father's Day, we need to turn up the heat on these dads who have bailed out on their own children.

KEEL News did a little checking to find the biggest offenders in northwest Louisiana. We came up with several parents who owe a pile of money for the care support of their children.

Here's our list (from DCFS) of the ones who owe more than $100,000 dollars in back child support. On this list you will find the last know city for these delinquents and how much they owe. You can click on the parish links to do a more detailed search for deadbeats parents in your area.

Deadbeat dads in Bienville Parish

No One Owes More Than $100,000

Deadbeat dads in Bossier Parish

Maxwell Shane Allen
Haughton La
Amount: $148,875.00
Birthday: 8/9/1968

Curry Wayne Baker
Benton La
Amount: $112,613.00
Birthday: 3/8/1963

Rickey Lynn Brown
Shreveport La
Amount: $134,731.00
Birthday: 1/8/1959

Joshua Crouch
Waco Ga
Amount: $175,089.00
Birthday: 2/28/1977

Neal R Matthews
Oklahoma City Ok
Amount: $102,060.00
Birthday: 12/5/1963

Casey McHugh
Princeton La
Amount: $100,761.00
Birthday: 3/8/1975

Andrew J White
Plain Dealing La
Amount: $121,003.00
Birthday: 7/20/1982

Deadbeat dads in Caddo Parish

Morgan Wayne Cannon
Shreveport La
Amount: $102,197.00
Birthday: 1/8/1963

Tyrone Clay
Garland Tx
Amount: $137,256.00
Birthday: 5/19/1967

Kevin Dewayne Dison
Mooringsport La
Amount: $105,636.00
Birthday: 11/23/1979

Kevin W Henry
Shreveport La
Amount: $116,706.00
Birthday: 9/14/1977

Kerry Landon Hopkins
Many La
Amount: $127,886.00
Birthday: 9/19/1974

Olaf Jonsek
Amount: $158,401.00
Birthday: 5/7/1977

Keith Dewayne Light
New Orleans La
Amount: $121,189.00
Birthday: 12/31/1971

Bobby G Massey, Jr
Shreveport La
Amount: $132,900.00
Birthday: 8/2/1970

Kenneth E Nolen
Shreveport La
Amount: $117,493.00
Birthday: 8/23/1963

Peter Joseph Phillips
Keithville La
Amount: $168,683.00
Birthday: 8/11/1973

Zachery Fonzay Simien Napoleon
Oceanside Ca
Amount: $117,938.00
Birthday: 8/12/1976

Michael R Truelove
Robeline La
Amount: $202,400.00
Birthday: 12/8/1968

Marcus D Tyson
Vivian La
Amount: $122,253.00
Birthday: 11/16/1968

Walter L Walker, Jr
N Chesterfield Va
Amount: $166,390.00
Birthday: 9/18/1980

Brian David Williamson
Amount: $122,039.00
Birthday: 7/16/1966

Franklin Eugene Wright, Jr
Bethany Mo
Amount: $124,774.00
Birthday: 6/12/1974

Deadbeat dads in Claiborne Parish

Timothy John Foss
Bossier City La
Amount: $102,410.00
Birthday: 1/5/1974

 Deadbeat dads in Desoto Parish

Troy Lee Gallo
Arizona City Az
Amount: $122,291.00
Birthday: 7/29/1961

Jock Leger Shoalmire
Shreveport La
Amount: $130,040.00
Birthday: 5/29/1980

Deadbeat dads in Natchitoches Parish

David Shields Montgomery, III
Fredericksbrg Tx
Amount: $107,585.00
Birthday: 2/17/1964

Deadbeat Dads in Red River Parish

Has No One Owing More Than $100,000

Deadbeat dads in Sabine Parish

Charles Malcolm Denton, Jr
Zwolle La
Amount: $128,699.00
Birthday: 8/15/1958

Jason Randell Ebarb
Converse La
Amount: $102,423.00
Birthday: 9/30/1975

Donnell Price Hamilton
Vacherie La
Amount: $115,482.00
Birthday: 1/24/1978

Jeffrey Scott Manning
Amount: $109,553.00
Birthday: 3/26/1976

Ronald Dean Price, Jr
Many La
Amount: $155,207.00
Birthday: 12/26/1966

Deadbeat dads in Webster Parish

Brian Wayne Jackson
Dubberly La
Amount: $133,488.00
Birthday: 12/16/1975

Jerome Pickens
Homer La
Amount: $100,851.00
Birthday: 1/21/1982

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