As the "Super Bowl" of fishing is going down right here in Kiss Country, the "Super Bowl" of auto racing is going down in Florida. It's the Daytona 500 and it is billed as the biggest race in NASCAR.

Everybody has their favorite driver and mine for years was Jeff Gordon. However after season after season of him stinking up the track and the overall feeling that maybe his efforts as a owner were greatly interfering with his honest efforts as a driver, one race a couple of years ago when Gordon was piddling around the track, my frustration got the best of me and I abandoned him as "My Driver". I swore my alligence to whom ever was in dead last place during that race. That just happened to be A.J. Allmendinger.

Yes, people look at me funny as I wear my Allmendinger race fan attire. And yes, I do feel a little funny screaming "GO ALLMENDINGER!" but I am committed and for the Daytona he will be starting in the row in front of... Yep you guessed it... Jeff Gordon!

The other driver I willing be pulling for is Danika Patrick. On Thursday, in the first duel race, however she slammed hard into the wall, and even though it wasn't her fault, it still made me wonder if she really has a chance. Either way Danika, who is the 3rd woman to run in the Daytona, is good for NASCAR. More people will be watching just because she is running.

Take a look at the hard lick Danika took as she hit the wall on Thursday.

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