With a surge in the popularity of evil clowns, a Dallas donut shop called Hurts Donuts will deliver donuts to your friends and family with the help from evil clowns, according to Delish. 

Can you imagine? You are sitting at your desk at work. You are probably working on invoices or maybe working on a formula for the most excellent spreadsheet, and all of a sudden a super creepy clown walks into your office holding a box of yummy smelling donuts. Obviously, you equip yourself with a stapler for defense. Then the clown hands over the donuts and leaves.

That is awesome! You have delicious donuts and are the talk of water cooler in your office all at the same time.

When the shop owner, Kas Clegg, was asked why he was doing this he said, "clowns are trending right now." Well, he isn't wrong. Would you ever surprise your friends or family with donuts delivered by a clown? Leave a comment on Facebook letting us know.

Pennywise the Clown Mural
Mark Kolbe , Getty Images


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