Of course, Father's Day was this past weekend and I'm thinking this Dad might just have locked up the "Father of the Year" award.  Dad was willing to put all his pride on the line just to protect them image of his little girl.  And I'm betting it worked!

As the father of three boys, I've always longed for a little girl.  I still believe that girls hold their Dads in such high regard, that it would be really hard for Dad to mess things up.  Boys, however, are way more critical, and not nearly as amused when Dad is trying to teach a lesson.

This guy has redefined "putting it all out there" for his little girl.  Hats off to you, Jason Hilley for taking a stand with your underage daughter.  She doesn't realize the perception that she gives of herself with these shorts, until she sees you wearing them.

Hey, once she's a grown woman, paying her own bills, she can give whatever perception she likes.  But while she lives at your place, you get to make the rules, and you've found a hilarious way to get your point across!

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