Prepare yourself! We are about to go down a strange road with this unique and odd list of things that just so happen to occur on Friday the 13th, according to Reader's Digest and Elite Daily. Now I can't say that these things happened just because of Friday the 13th or if it is just a coincidence.


October 13, 1307

Thousands of Crusaders were captured, slaughtered, and tortured by the French. Elite Daily says that people believe this is what started the fear of Friday the 13th.


November 13, 1829

Sam Patch, who just weeks prior jumped off of Niagara Falls into the river and lived according to Reader's Digest, decided to test his luck again by jumping off of the Genesee Falls in New York and land in the river. He died.


August 13, 1899

Alfred Hitchcock was born. If you don't know anything about Hitchcock- IMDb calls him the Master of Suspense. If you have seen the original Psycho, you are familiar with his work.


September 13, 1940

Germany dropped bombs on Buckingham Palace, according to On This Day.


October 13, 1972

An airplane leaving Mendoza crashed into the Andes. 12 people died on impact. The people who were still alive ended up in cannibalizing the dead, according to Viven.

According to Reader's Digest, on the exact same day a plane in Russia crashed killing 174 people.


September 13, 1996

Tupac was shot after leaving a Mike Tyson boxing tournament in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, according to The fatal shot occurred a few days before, but he did in the hospital on Friday the 13th.


August 13, 2010

This one is insane! According to Reader's Digest, a 13 year old boy was struck by lightening in England. Apparently the lightening was struck at 1:13... BTW that is 13:13 in military time.


Again, I can't say that these things happened just because of Friday the 13th or if it is just a coincidence, but I can say that this very interesting.

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