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The results of the COVID-19 vaccine may be appearing right before our eyes.

Reuters has reported that the United States has seen a drop of 25% in cases, which is the largest single week drop since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. This is the latest in a 4 week string of COVID case declines.

Only three states saw an increase in cases during this reported week, including Arkansas, Oregon, and Vermont.

Its not just cases that have dropped. Hospitalizations also dropped by 15%, and deaths dropped 2.5% over the same period. Both of those have generally been recognized as "lagging indicators" with COVID. Where hospitalizations drop

Those two numbers are the actual keys of the COVID vaccines.

Many seem to be slightly misguided when it comes to what the COVID vaccines are trying to achieve. The public, and members of the media, have been getting hung up on how effective vaccines are against preventing COVID cases. But the main goal of the vaccines are to prevent hospitalizations and death from COVID-19.

There have been a lot of reports surrounding the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, as well as those from Pfizer and Moderna, about their efficacy against cases. While Pfizer and Moderna are more than 90% effective against COVID cases, Johnson & Johnson reportedly came in at 66%. But the major point of the vaccine news is that all three vaccines are 100% effective against hospitalizations and death due to COVID.

That's going to be the biggest advantage of the COVID vaccines, keeping people out of hospitals, and from dying. But the drop in cases are a welcomed sight as well.

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