For New Orleans Saints fans looking for an overtime win in the infamous "No-Call" lawsuit against the NFL, it looks like the clock is winding down and there are no more time-outs left.

Antonio LeMon got a flag on his final play this Friday. The Louisiana attorney had been perusing a lawsuit against the National Football League alleging fraud over game officials’ failure to flag a penalty for the helmet-to-helmet on a Saints receiver with a pass clearly in play.  The Los Angeles Rams would win that game by a very slim margin - the final score was 26 to 23.

LeMon was seeking damages for game officials, and ultimately the league's failure.  The Louisiana Supreme Court's latest ruling on the issue means that neither Roger Goodell nor any other NFL executive will have to come before the judge and answer questions about the case.

According to, the court claimed precedent from a case dating back more than 75 years ago that proved one simple fact: When you purchase a ticket for a game (or even invest your time watching it on television), you are only paying for a performance.  It is the opinion of the highest court in Louisiana that you are entitled to no rights to sue over what you perceive to be "fairness."

Many disappointed New Orleans fans are certain this egregious moment cost their team the NFC Championship and a trip to the Superbowl.  According to CBS Sports, officials at the game even admitted to screwing up - but the damage had already been done.

At the time this article was published, Antonio LeMon was reviewing this case and had not decided whether to pursue a rehearing.

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