The Cameron County District Attorney’s Office in South Texas is used to prosecuting criminals of all flavors.  Assault, theft, forgery - they've been there and jailed people for that. This week, however, they are having a brand new experience.  Evidence has come to light that implicates a former Juvenile Justice Department employee in the theft of more than a million dollars worth of fajitas!

The delicious deviance was discovered after Mr. Gilberto Escamilla took a day off for a doctor's appointment.  During his absence, a  Labatt Food Service driver called to confirm an 800 pound delivery of fajitas to the Juvenile Justice Department's kitchen.  The problem is, the kitchens at the Juvenile Justice Department don't serve fajitas, at all.  As it turns out, Gilberto had been running a high-level fajita fraud for 9 years!  He would order the frozen fajitas on the county's dime, then re-sell them to buyers he had lined up for a tidy (100%) profit!

According to the Brownsville Herald, the investigation team determined that Mr. Escamilla took the county out to lunch (so to speak) by pilfering and hustling up $1.2 million in filched fajitas.  He is being held on charges of first-degree theft felony.

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