Many, Louisiana police have alerted the public to the passing of at least one counterfeit $100 bill in a Many business.

In a report on KSLA, the bill is described in detail, stating that

"It has pink Chinese writing on both sides. And unlike a real $100 bill, the large number 100 in the bottom right corner doesn't change colors when it is tilted like a real bill."

Okay, maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about here, but wouldn't the "Pink Chinese Writing" on both sides be a real clue that this bill was a fake?

Maybe I'm too critical.  Maybe it was hard to spot?

Nope, here it is on the front side.

Original photo from Many Police Dept.

And a close up from the rear side show it is just as obvious.

Original photo from Many Police Dept.

I'm thinking it should have been pretty obvious, if someone was paying attention. However, it managed to get through, so you'll want to be on the lookout for these bills and others, as we've also received tips that some counterfeit bills have possibly also surfaced in the Haughton area.

Dusty Hayes, a friend of mine, said it's pretty easy to tell if you've got one in your pocket though. He says that all of a sudden you'll get this uncontrollable urge to head to a buffet and pig out on egg foo young and shrimp fried rice.