Admittedly, it's a long shot. And by long shot, we mean near impossibility. But, in the world of politics, do we ever really know? Is anything, no matter how far fetched, really out of the question?

Especially when you think about it.

What exactly did Billy Nungesser say?

In a recent appearance on KEEL, Louisiana's Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser implied, at least, that Governor John Bel Edwards could be offered a job in the Biden administration, and sooner rather than later.

"You know, there's a lot of talk out there that the Governor may considered for a post after redistricting in February with the Biden administration, says Nungesser, who, in his job, is charged with promoting  Louisiana business and tourism, "And I'm committed to work with the Governor. We disagree on things and we do that in private, but where we can work together we do."

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What's this "redistricting?"

First of all, the state is mandated to redistrict for state House and Senate seats, as well as for the United States House of Representatives with every census. These lines are redrawn by the state legislature and presented as a normal bill to the governor, who has veto power. And this is a power that, as Nungesser implies, Edwards would never relinquish.

But what about after? What if the lame duck Democratic Governor were offered a job - a powerful one - in the Biden administration?

What do those-in-the-know think?

Political analyst Scott Hughes says no. "I'd be stunned if (Edwards) resigned at all," he says, "Much less before any reappointment process is completed next summer."

And John Bel's Chief of Staff, Mark Cooper, responds, "I have not heard anything like that."

So, is Nungesser speculating? Could he know something we (and others) don't? Is he simply referring the Governor's post-second term plans? One thing is certain, politics is a strange business. In other words, to quote businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki, "If you think you know it all, you really know nothing."

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