A few weeks back a video went viral. The video showed a nurse getting detained for refusing to take blood from a man that was hit by someone running from a police chase. The patient was an innocent man, a bystander! If you haven't seen the video, watch it below.

According to CNN, the cop that was involved in the arrest of the nurse in Utah, Jeff Payne, has lost his side job as a paramedic. U.S. News and Reuters says that comments he made during the arrest of the nurse was caught on his body camera is the reason for his termination.

The comments, as stated by U.S. News, involved Payne saying that when he is driving on the job for Gold Cross Ambulance service he would take "good patients" to another facility. Insinuating that he would take bad patients to University of Utah Hospital, which is the hospital that the nurse was arrested at and the incident took place.


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