Craiglist was so popular when I was in College. I remember hearing of people putting personal ads up and many people claimed they'd actually meet people. I have a friend who met his soulmate on Craigslist 6 years ago. In case you've missed 2 Chicks No Rhythm on the air, it's just me, Krystal Montez and Hillary butchering your favorite songs with kazoo's, maracas, a guitar, and a tambourine. We take the performances seriously, in fact many people have won some awesome tickets by guessing the song being performed. We thought what better way to try and connect two potential lovers than to sing them into a connection. 2 Chicks No Rhythm had to call in an expert, that's where Al Boogie from Ole Whiskey Revival comes in. We asked him to bring in his guitar and we made him sing a missed connection from Bossier. So what if he didn't rehearse or know what he had to do before he walked in the studio door. We thought it sounded sexy! If you missed it you can listen to it below.

Now our mission is to find this lady, and ask her if she remembers her missed connection. Stay tuned, to find out how this Missed Connection turns out.

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