If you scroll through TikTok you have probably stumbled upon Sister Cindy. You know, the lady that encourages you to "Become a Hoe no mo!".

She claims that back in the 70s she was a "disco queen" and she was "so low" that it led her to date "fraternity boys". Sister Cindy travels all over the U.S. preaching to students at university encouraging them to accept Jesus into their lives. Although many college students show up to mock her and argue with her, many students show up for the message. If you miss the message don't worry, it will probably go viral on TikTok later.

Check Out This Video That Got Over 3 Million Views on TikTok.

@ohohohorileyyyy Sister Cindy’s backstory is a moving one #sistercindy #tiktokwildlifeday #science101 #jesus #collegelife #bruh ♬ original sound - Riley

Sister Cindy Made the Grand Voyage to LSU.

Why did Sister Cindy want to make a trip to LSU? To convince LSU students to change their hoeish ways of course. 

Rebranded LSU, More Like She Changed What State in LSU Stands for.

This video was taken at Lousiana State University where Sister Cindy rebranded it. She claims LSU stands for Louisiana Slut University. (Insert facepalm emoji here.). What on earth? She claims that too many LSU students are being "hoes". Watch the video below.

@tylertroy4 @sistercindyforreal is QUEEN #LSU #sistercindy #honomo #honomorevolution ♬ original sound - tylertroy

There are multiple versions of the same video surrounding this new name that Sister Cindy coined for LSU and I don't think the name will stick. Sister Cindy got several LSU students to join the movement of "being a hoe no mo".

Although Several of Us Keep Up With Sister Cindy for the Entertainment it is Safe to Say we Want Her to Call LSU Louisiana State University Moving Forward. Right?

I'm going to hope you agree with me on this one.

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