How could I not know that Chris Lane has a twin? His name is Cory and apparently the Lane twins have very similar tastes. From their yellow polo's, blue jeans, and flip flops to their taste in women.  I stumbled upon this video from 2008 and I really don't know how to feel. My first thought was "This is a joke" then my second thought was "Well the Lane brothers like cute skinny blondes so I lost my chance with Chris Lane". In all seriousness, I cringed when I watched this video. Can someone check on the poor Pomeranian that had to listen to that girl sing? I never knew that Chris Lane had auditioned for American Idol. Try and watch the video the whole way without wincing. I dare you!

Although Chris Lane's brother may have stolen his girlfriend they are still close. The Lane brothers go on tour together on the regular. Cory is the drummer in Chris Lane's band. I wonder if the Lane twins plan on writing a song about their awkward love triangle anytime soon.

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