It seemed like the celebration that followed the amazing LSU win over Clemson in College Football National Championship game could end up overshadowing the title itself.  Although the initial focus was on the 15 and 0 season and the ensuing trophy captured by Joe Burrow, Coach O, and company - the national focus quickly turned to the antics of Cleveland Brown's wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

This Baton Rouge native and former LSU Tiger was seen on national television handing out 100 dollar bills (a NCAA no-no), but what he did next would result in a warrant for his arrest.  A nearby security guard had his rear-end slapped by the excited Beckham.  OBJ then was seen (once again on national television) seemingly mocking the guard with a finger-gun dance.

A warrant for his arrest was issued the next day by New Orleans Police, the charge was simple battery. is now reporting that the officer involved has dropped the charges, and because of that - the warrant has been rescinded.

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