In the early 1900's an engineer named Jennings Stockton Cox was in a small mining town Daiquiri near Santiago, Cuba. Cox wanted a drink that would cool him off and he had crushed ice, lime juice, Bacardi, and sugar and BAM! The Daiquiri was a hit with all the miners in the small town. The Daiquiri was such a it that Bacardi gave Cox a generous stipend and sent him a gallon a month to continue making the refreshing drink! Genius idea by Bacardi? I think so! What sounds better than a daiquiri right about now? A hot guy serving it to me.

If you're needing to get you Daiquiri Fix, Daiquiri Express in Shreveport is having a buy one get one free special today to celebrate National Daiquiri Day! Go by and get your fix, with a friend, or drink both, we won't tell if you drink both.

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