I think we can all agree that Louisiana culture is a one-of-a-kind thing.  I completely understand wanting to celebrate it, and we do!  There are more celebrations here than any other place I have lived.  In fact, Louisiana culture and food is so good, other states have decided that they want to celebrate it too!

"Cry You One" is a musical that delves into the music and everyday life of Louisiana - and the Wisconsinites love it!  The Sheboygen Press reports that they love it so much, they are turning the performance into a full-fledged festival in celebration of the ways of the Bayou State.  Food, adult beverages, music and more will be reveled in as the Cheese-head state goes full mudbug.

That gets me thinking, why don't we have a "Wisconsonian Culture and Music Festival" right here in Shreveport?  We could focus on cheeses and feature the music of Butch Vig, Al Jarreau,Steve Miller, Violent Femmes, and a special feature of Liberace's best songs.  We'll have crawfish, of course.

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