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The social media rumor mill is working overtime again and this time it has caused lots of unnecessary panic for those who either have gotten the COVID vaccine, or are scheduled to get the vaccine in the near future.

The latest "fake news" is that Louisiana residents who get the COVID vaccine, could lose their life insurance coverage and according to Louisiana State Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, there is absolutely no truth to this rumor.

In an article from the Louisiana Radio Network, Donelon responds to the rumor saying, "Louisiana law does not permit life insurance exclusions based on an insured person receiving a vaccination, any vaccination.”

The article also reports that,

There's only been one reported death suspected to be linked to a COVID vaccine among the over 124 million Americans who received at least one dose. Donelon said if for some reason you die as a result of a vaccine, your life insurance will still be paid out.

“Rare as those (deaths) are, if that fear exists, it is not well-founded,” said Donelon.

So, in my personal opinion, if death benefits in Louisiana cannot be terminated by "taking" the vaccine, then the opposite would also have to be true, wouldn't it?   If a Louisiana citizen elects to NOT take the vaccine, then an insurance company would also not have the right to withhold death benefits if the person passed due to complications of COVID. Course, that 's just my opinion, but I don't see how one side of the argument could be true without making the opposing argument equally true.

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