Calvary Shreveport announced that their daycare will be closed for at least one week following a COVID outbreak among staff members.

Hopefully this type of story won't continue, especially since the school year is now underway for several parishes in our area. Luckily, Calvary also announced that this mini-COVID-19 outbreak has not caused any effect on Calvary Baptist Academy, so students and parents can go about their week, business as usual.

It's not clear exactly how many Calvary staffers have tested positive for COVID-19. In their announcement, they stated, "several" members of their administrative team have contracted the virus. Hopefully those staff members recover quickly.

In their announcement, they stated that the daycare will only be closed for one week. Hopefully, Calvary takes the necessary steps to ensure the virus won't spread and life can get back to normal quickly for the daycare workers, kids, and parents.

Judging by their announcement alone, it would seem they had no choice but to close the daycare. In the Facebook post, Calvary Shreveport states, "Several staff on the Calvary Daycare administrative team tested positive for Covid, and by state requirement, the daycare has to be closed."

If new cases are announced, and if any new details emerge following Calvary's COVID-19 outbreak at the daycare, we will update this story.

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