Someone is impersonating the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Department in an effort to steal money from Bossier Parish citizens and Sheriff Julian Whittington wants you to know that this scam, in no way, involves his office.

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Apparently this active phone scam is making rounds in the local area and dispatchers with the Bossier Sheriff's Office say they have received scores of phone calls from residents who all tell essentially the same story.

Callers say that they have each received a call from a person claiming to be an employee of the Bossier Sheriff's Office. The call has regularly come from the number (318) 224-1645 and that the caller claimed to be Assistant Chief David Miller and that there has been an active warrant issued for their arrest for Failure to Appear in court.

The caller has then stated that the citizen only has until 5:30 pm to testify on an unspecified case and that in order to solve the matter quickly and avoid arrest, the caller then asks for an unspecified amount of money to be paid over the phone.

Do Not Fall For This Scam!

Again, the Bossier Sheriff's Office warns that this is all a scam.

One Bossier City resident is reported to have actually fallen victim to this scam.

This Is Not How The Bossier Sheriff's Office Conducts Business

The Bossier Sheriff’s Office wants to remind the public that no one from this office will ever contact you and ask for money over the phone.

If you are a victim of this scam please call the Bossier Sheriff’s Office Criminal Division at 318-965-3418.

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