While it is certainly no surprise to anyone who lives on Caddo Lake, or to any of the lake's regular visitors, now the secret is out to the entire world.

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Along with lakes in Utah, Arizona, Wyoming and New York, Travelandleisure.com has just named our beautiful 27,000 acre cypress studded waterway, Caddo Lake, as one of the 12 most beautiful lakes in all of the United States.

The description the website provides of Caddo Lake gives visitors a sneak peek of the sheer beauty of the lake straddling the Louisiana and Texas border:

...where Spanish moss hangs like drapery from tree limbs in the world's largest cypress forest. In fact, this is not so much a lake as an interconnected maze of bayous, swampy marshes, and backwaters. (Beer boats hid out here during Prohibition.) Alligators lurk under barely-submerged tree roots, frogs pull up on lily pads, and Bigfoot has allegedly been sighted here.

Not only a beautiful attraction for any wishing to enjoy a day in one of God's most incredible creations, the fishing on Caddo Lake is also world class.

Not Only Beautiful, Caddo Lake Is A Fantastic Fishery

Again last year, Bassmaster.com named Caddo Lake one of the finest bass fisheries in the whole central area of America. The site also freely lavishes the lake with desirable accolades:

Caddo is one of the more scenic spots in America, with soaring cypress trees, plenty of lush vegetation and dozens of fish species. Bass is king on the largest freshwater lake in the South

The Origin Of Caddo is Somewhat Of A Legend

Named for the Caddo Indians, the lake's origins aren't known for sure, but according to thsaonline.org, legend has it that the lake was formed by an earthquake caused by a Caddo chief's failure to obey the Great Spirit.

However created, Caddo Lake's beauty has now been showcased to the world and deservedly so!

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