Brett Young's "Catch" is a romantic mid-tempo crowd-pleaser, with Young discussing a girl who makes him "catch his breath." Fans can "catch" the song by clicking play above.

Young put his writing chops on 10 out of 13 tracks on his latest record, including lead single “Here Tonight,” which he wrote with Ben Caver, Justin Ebach and Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley. This ballad finds him at the bar, heartbroken and intent on doing anything but falling love. Then she walks in.

Vocally, "Catch" soars like the best songs from his self-titled debut album, with Young spending much of the chorus at the high end of his range. The arrangement is pop-friendly, with the cry of steel guitar mostly a backing ingredient to this songwriting showcase.  Ross Copperman and Ashley Gorley helped the recently-married California native write this song and they delight in playing on all the ways you can "catch" something. In fact, they catch everything but cooties.

Did You Know?: Of course a game of "catch" would be a baseball reference, something Young surely was aware of while writing this song. The one-time pro prospect pitched through college before an injury derailed his career.

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Brett Young, "Catch" Lyrics:

I wasn't trying to feel like this / I wasn't trying to feel nothing at all / I just came to meet my friends / And tried to drink the long week off / I didn't wanna stay too late / I wasn't trying to close it down / I was doing my own thing / Yeah up until you sat down.

I thought that I catch a buzz, catch a game / Catch up with the boys the same old thing / Catch a cab back to my place / But then I saw your face / Now you got me trying to / Catch your eye, catch your name / Catch a spark and start a flame / The way you smile and I can't help myself / Girl you got me trying to catch my breath / You got me trying to catch my breath, yeah.

You got me doing double takes / You went and messed up all my plans / I only meant to hold this drink / Now I'm trying to hold your hand.

You got me catching feelings / I wasn't even trying to feel this / I don't know how you started stealing my heart like you are in this bar but I'm glad that you are.

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