Brantley Gilbert rolled into Bossier City Saturday, April 12 and rocked the audience with some help from Eric Paslay and Thomas Rhett. 

Opening the show was Eric Paslay. The Abilene, Texas-born country singer eschewed spectacle for a strong, straightforward set that included his hit "Friday Night" and new single, "Song About a Girl."

"This ain’t about tailgates/Ain’t about bonfires/Ain’t about souped-up cars, water towers/Or drowning in a bottle of Jack," crooned Paslay, earning a quick cheer from the audience for the whiskey reference.

Thomas Rhett's performance was the exact opposite of Paslay's. The upbeat singer had no problem galloping around the stage, gesturing at the crowd to get people pumped up. Rhett asked the audience to light up the entire CenturyLink Center with their lighters or cell phones, and the glow from the hundreds of lights made it seem like the house lights were on.

His energy also led to a funny moment when he attempted to grab the mic from the stand, only for it to go flying and crash to the ground. Rhett laughed at the random mistake; the Bossier City crowd laughed with him.

But a highlight of Rhett's set came when he performed "Parking Lot Party," the song he co-wrote with Lee Brice. Everybody in the arena was on their feet during the song, dancing and singing along.

Closing out the night was the inimitable Brantley Gilbert, who took the stage following a mini-movie full of guns, brass knuckles and tattoos. The singer has earned a reputation as a country music bad boy with his black hat, tats and devil horn hand gestures. His Bossier City performance proved again that it's a fitting moniker.

The BG Nation was in full effect, and Gilbert knew it. He rocked out several fan favorites, including "Bottoms Up," "You Don't Know Her Like I Do," "Dirt Road Anthem" and "Kick It In the Sticks."

Check out all our photos from the show below.

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