Benton High School senior Garrett Jacobs is moving on to the Final 14 of American Idol which means fans will now decide who moves on! Next week all of the Ark-La-Tex will be voting and cheering on our hometown Idol as he continues on his journey. We will keep you updated with how and when you'll need to vote for Garrett starting later this week.

Tonight Garrett put on one of the best performances of the Duet Round singing Lucky with Colbie Caillat and he nailed it! Garrett had a rough go of it on Sundays show but completely redeemed himself on Monday night's show; not to mention his adorable surprise to look down in the audience and see his girlfriend in the front row.

We were lucky enough to get an interview with not only Garrett, but also his Grandma--aka Honey--just a few weeks ago, and knew right off the bat he was going places!

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