More legal troubles for the Shreveport Aquarium. The Times reports Planet Aqua group  owes thousands of dollars in taxes and fees to Bossier Parish. You might wonder, "why Bossier Parish"? Well the Aquarium sits on land that is partially in Bossier Parish. No taxes were paid to Bossier between July and October of this year.

A representative of the Planet Aqua Group tells the paper the aquarium fell behind on some bills but will be caught up by the end of the year. How much money are we talking about? Bossier Parish claims the Aquarium owes more than $29,000 in back taxes.

Attorneys for the aquarium are due in Bossier court on January 10th to answer the allegations.

This is not the first legal skirmish for the aquarium. Several contractors filed suits earlier this year claiming they were not paid for work done to get the building remodeled and ready for opening a year ago.


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